For many years I have been involved with art and design, and their history and development. I have gratuated from the Academy of Visual Arts.

Know and unkown artists and designers inspired me to create a new paintings and to develop my abstract skills.

I use diffrent techniques, forms, composition color and emotion in my paintings. I am primarily focused an expressing the qualities, and texture of the painting's surface. I wish to liberate myself from any form and coping reality and nature in my art. I don't want to show the real object, I want to use the colors and forms freely.

I express a wide spectrum of emotions in my abstract art such as despair, ecstasy, resignation and many others.

My paintings can be found in galleries, on-line shops and private corporate collections in many parts of the World.

Presently I collaborate with designers and work as an Abstract artist.


Thank you so much for your attention and interest in my art.


Emilia Kaminsky

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